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The Proof is in the Armpits

We continue to received amazing stories of how Kelp is helping improve dogs health, appearance and vitality. 

The most recent story was from Buffy in Kitchener, Ontario. Her dog Luther has had ongoing issues with his armpits becoming raw and irritated. She purchased our Kelp Shampoo and started applying it daily while taking pictures to show the results.

Original email quote:

I have been using the shampoo on Luther’s arm pit and I cannot believe the difference!!! I took pictures from the day I started using it until today.

I should tell you that he has had problems with his armpit before and I tried several things to fix it. I finally had to take him to the vet to have him put on antibiotics. The fact that this problem has cleared up in a few days by washing the area with your shampoo is incredible!!! I am so happy :)
— Buffy Worboys http://pawsitively-purrfect.ca/