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Ohhh the Power of Kelp!

Yes, Kelp is one of natures “Super Foods”. Packed with minerals such as, iodine, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and iron as well as vitamins, C,B1,B2 and B12, it’s no wonder it’s a super food!

Consuming kelp on a regular basis has proven to lower cancer rate, ramp up metabolism, decrease heart disease, arthritis, lower blood pressure, help with thyroid, constipation and other infectious diseases.

It’s an amazing source from nature that just so happens to be great for us humans and now holistic vets are advocates in recommending it for our dogs and other animals.

One of the problems that we hear quite often from dog owners is their dog has dry and irritated skin or loss of hair (alopecia).

In a study, dogs who had been fed kelp daily for a period of six months had, thicker, darker, and shinier coats. They also scratched less and their skin was not as dry.

We have heard many great stories from our loyal customers on how our Kelp Supplement has helped their dogs, from eliminating arthritic pain, to helping with severe dry skin.

Customer Testimonial - Kelp Blend

We were contacted last month from a dog owner in Turkey who has a Rottweiler that had a dull coat and was losing his hair. He had heard about kelp through his breeder and purchased our Premium Kelp Blend.

He also emailed us a picture of his dog Iris to show us the condition she was in.

After adding the Kelp Blend to Iris’s food twice a day for only a week, he sent us an updated picture and this testimonial.

“As you will see her fur was terrible , I used many things but did not work well..before some parts were mahogany color. That was very bad since I go to dog competitions with Iris.

Kelp changed her fur in a week. The after pic shows how shiny and healthy the fur is. And it is all black now,

And she likes the taste. I just add a teaspoon to her meal and she finishes that part in seconds.

Thank you again.
— Ugar from Turkey