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Blog Review: K9 Kelp Shampoo & Conditioner

Product Review done by GogoDogo.ca 

Does your dog’s skin dry out after bathing? Have you been looking for a shampoo / conditioner for your pup that contains no harsh chemicals?

Look no further, we have the answer. And it is AMAZING.

Introducing K9 Kelp’s Shampoo Treatment and Conditioning Kelp Spritz.

I thought that it couldn’t get any better with Nootie’s Warm Vanilla Cookie Shampoo and Conditioner, but it does!

Product Review by GogoDogo.ca

Here’s why

As stated by K9 Kelp – their Kelp Shampoo Treatment is properly PH balanced for dogs and provides a soothing / calming effect while extracting toxins and applying much needed minerals and nutrients to their skin.

Kelp Shampoo Treatment

Shampoo Ingredients: LOVE, Natural soap, Apple cider vinegar, 100% pure BC kelp, purified H2O, glycerin and special blend of pure essential oils.

The apple cider vinegar is said to naturally and gently loosen dirt without removing your dog’s natural coat oils. This is completely true, after giving Bain his first bath his fur was EXTREMELY soft and lasted from Sunday to Thursday until the dirt from his walks started to cling on again. I am not saying he was “he just had a bath soft”, we’re talking brand new teddy bear from the store soft.

Even when dust and dirt started to get on him again later in the week, I was still able to feel how great his coat felt. Add brushing him into the mix and you could probably spend all day petting him.

I’ve also noticed something else, it has been clearing up his rash that was underneath his arms. I was using Nootie’s Shampoo / Conditioner through the winter months and as soon as it hit spring it did not seem to help as much anymore due to the spike in Bain’s seasonal allergies. I was waiting to write this review once I had used these products more, but I’ve seen so many changes in Bain’s coat that I had to get on it now.  

I have used K9 Kelp’s Shampoo and Conditioner twice in 2 weeks, and I can see so much improvement. His skin remains soft and smooth, and he has not been scratching his body / under arm area as much as he was a couple of weeks ago, and his coat is wonderful.

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