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K9 Kelp aka Dragon Slayer

K9 Kelp aka Dragon Slayer

A while back , I was watching a show called Dragons Den.
Some of you may be familiar with it. It consists of a panel of "Dragons" (investors) and entrepreneurs who come in with their pitch in hopes of a large investment in their company.

Now , I have never thought of my blog while watching this show.

Why would I?

BUT , this particular episode was a lady who came into the den with her product K9 Kelp.
Immediately it caught my attention. Of course it did! It was a product for our beloved dogs!

I became even more intrigued when I heard they were a Canadian Company . So I checked out their site , continued to be impressed and knew I just had to send that email!

I spoke with the company , and I let them know I would be thrilled to represent a Canadian company and they agreed they were equally thrilled to have a Canadian blogger on their side!

So what is K9 Kelp? And what sort of things do they deal with?

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Lexus posing with K9 Kelp