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Reflections of Living and Losing our Dog

I never had a dog growing up and always thought that my friends with dogs were a little too crazy about them. I mean…their a “Dog”. Yah sure they are cute but honestly.


I still remember talking to my husband about getting a dog, he had them as a child and had fond memories. I thought it would be nice be nice to give my daughter those same fond memories. Once we decided on what breed we wanted and found an amazing breeder, we put our name in for the next litter.

A few months past and we got the call. Our baby boxer was being born!! We were able to bond with her from that very day. The breeder would send us updated pictures as she grew week by week. My husband use to say to me, “You wait until you have your very own dog” You will understand why people love their dogs so much!

I really didn't understand until Jayda entered my life!

We were all so excited to go and pick her up from the airport. My daughter was 13 years old at the time, my mom was visiting from out east and my husband and I packed in the car anticipating meeting our new baby! When they brought her out of her crate, I will never forget that little face! She nervously came out, squatted and peed, then I scooped her up into my arms and fell in love! Her tiny little kisses made me feel that she felt the same way and knew she was coming into a family full of love for her.

Jayda has lived quite the exciting life. From living on an island in the tropics to the desert to the cold north, she adapted well as long as she was with us.

Jayda has always been a princess! She doesn't like to get her paws wet or dirty, she likes to sleep with a pillow tucked under her head and a blanket on cold nights. She always wants to please and never do anything wrong. Although she did have a stubborn side and would pretend like she didn't hear you the first time…until you said “Jayda, what did mommy say”. then of course she would do it. She’s the smartest dog I know…from ringing the door bell to go potty outside, to playing “go find” when hiding treats, she’s amazing!

A year and a half ago, we introduced her to a new family member, Allie. Another boxer puppy! We were hesitant at first, not wanting to take away from Jayda, but we figured it would be a great addition to our family and give JJ (Jayda) a little sister. She wasn't sure at first and I’m pretty sure she wanted Allie to leave after the first day.

But as time went on and she realized that Allie was here to stay, they became the best of friends! Allie looked up to her big sis! She followed her everywhere and watched and learned so much from her. They loved to chomp on bones next to each other and at times Allie just couldn't get enough of her that she would literally lay on top of her on the couch. But Jayda the gentle soul she is, just let her.

We started K9 Kelp with Jayda in mind. She is our passion and we only want the best for her and know the importance of giving our dogs All Natural. Having her picture on our product labels just made sense. She inspired us to start this business and has been there as the connoisseur of our Kelp Cookies. If princess Jayda loved them, they must be good! And she had the shiniest coat with our Shampoo and Spritz and not to mention that the cracked snout she had was healed in no time with the Kelp Moisturizer!

Today it all made sense. Why people talk about their dogs so much, and treat them like a family member. Jayda has had a great 7 years with us, with so much love and all the times she has made us smile and laugh. She brought us so much joy! And taught me that there really is such a thing as unconditional love. I would never let any dog lick my face until she came into my life. What I would do right now for one of those kisses.

My heart broke today, the paw print she has etched into my heart will always be. Tomorrow was her 7th birthday. Today she leaves us with such sorrow, even her sis Allie feels the loss. I will never forget you Jayda, my first dog.

RIP I hope that you are chasing squirrels and playing with all the other dogs in heaven. xo