K9 Kelp

All-Natural Kelp Products for Dogs!

Canadian Made ~ Trusted & Used Worldwide

Horses benefit from the Power of Kelp!

We continue to have customers that have found very promising results using our Kelp products on their horses. Since we follow the SNAP approach (Simple, Natural, and Proven), it is not surprising that the positive benefits owners are finding with their dogs cross over into the horse kingdom.

Some examples of how your horse can benefit:

Kelp Moisturizer

* apply to their necks to protect or remove any rope burns
* apply to their nose to prevent dryness
* apply to any bug-bitten area to heal and stop itching


Kelp Spritz

* apply to condition and promote a nice shiny coat
* reduce the presence of insects and bites
* provide a calming effect with the natural essential oil aromatherapy blend